KW Coilover Variant 2 inox

KW Coilover Variant 2 inox
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Delivery: Set FA coilover struts, RA springs with height adjustment + dampers Notes and... more
Artikelnummer: 152800AE

Product information "KW Coilover Variant 2 inox"

Set FA coilover struts, RA springs with height adjustment + dampers

Notes and explanations:
2=Height adjustable front and rear axles (front axle threaded strut housings, rear axle adjustable springs + dampers) - 37=For cars which have electronic dampers, make sure they are shut down. Specific electronical damper shut-downs are available from KW. Please check our accessories list - 57=Only for cars with a clamp diameter of 55mm on the front axle - 67=Dampers are adjusted by easily operating adjustment wheels. Rebound is only adjustable if the top of the piston rod is accessible. This will depend on the vehicle construction.

Changes and errors excepted!

Notes: For cars with a strut diameter at the front axle of 55 mm For cars without DCC

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Suitable for the following models

Model Engine Year Lovering Front Lowering Rear Axle Load Front Axle Load Rear Note
PASSAT 3G2 (3C) (08/2014-)2.0 TDI | Diesel | 135KW | 1968ccm11/2014-30-5530-55-1030-12502,37,57,67
PASSAT 3G2 (3C) (08/2014-)2.0 TDI | Diesel | 130KW | 1968ccm11/2014-30-5530-55-1030-12502,37,57,67
PASSAT 3G2 (3C) (08/2014-)1.4 TSI | Benzin | 92KW | 1395ccm11/2014-30-5530-55-1030-12502,37,57,67
SUPERB III (3V3, 3T) (03/2015-)1.4 TSI | Benzin | 92KW | 1395ccm06/2015-30-5530-55-1040-12502,37,57,67
PASSAT 3G2 (3C) (08/2014-)1.8 TSI | Benzin | 132KW | 1798ccm11/2014-30-5530-55-1030-12502,37,57,67
PASSAT 3G2 (3C) (08/2014-)1.4 TSI | Benzin | 110KW | 1395ccm11/2014-30-5530-55-1030-12502,37,57,67
PASSAT 3G2 (3C) (08/2014-)1.6 TDI | Diesel | 88KW | 1598ccm11/2014-30-5530-55-1030-12502,37,57,67
SUPERB III (3V3, 3T) (03/2015-)1.8 TSI | Benzin | 132KW | 1798ccm06/2015-30-5530-55-1040-12502,37,57,67
SUPERB III (3V3, 3T) (03/2015-)1.4 TSI | Benzin | 110KW | 1395ccm06/2015-30-5530-55-1040-12502,37,57,67
SUPERB III (3V3, 3T) (03/2015-)1.6 TDI | Diesel | 88KW | 1598ccm06/2015-30-5530-55-1040-12502,37,57,67
PASSAT 3G2 (3C) (08/2014-)2.0 TDI | Diesel | 81KW | 1968ccm11/2014-30-5530-55-1030-12502,37,57,67
SUPERB III (3V3, 3T) (03/2015-)1.5 TSI | Benzin | 110KW | 1495ccm06/2015-30-5530-55-1040-12502,37,57,67
PASSAT 3G2 (3C) (08/2014-)1.5 TSI | Benzin | 110KW | 1495ccm11/2014-30-5530-55-1030-12502,37,57,67
PASSAT 3G2 (3C) (08/2014-)2.0 TSI | Benzin | 140KW | 1984ccm11/2014-30-5530-55-1030-12502,37,57,67
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